terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

FZ 1973-06-25 Sydney, Australia

1. Band Introductions & Soundcheck
2. Dupree's Paradise Pt.1 (Improvisation)
3. Dupree's Paradise Pt.2 (Theme)
4. Dupree's Paradise Pt.3 (FZ solo)
5. Dog Meat
6. Fifty-Fifty
7. Soundcheck Blues (in G)
8. Cosmik Debris
9. Inca Roads Preamble
10. Inca Roads
11. Montana
12. Yellow Snow Preamble
13. Yellow Snow Suite
14. Farther Oblivion
15. Encore Break
16. Mr. Green Genes Medley

Tirando da lata...

Agradecemos ao espetacular postador Liborio Friki.

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Hi, these links have not worked since before you created this post. The original links at The Clock Went Backwards Again had been blocked at RS for some time already!

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Dead links....
Another sad day....
Please share!!!