quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA 2008-10-10 Live At The Roundhouse

1. A Man with a Movie Camera 1:05:42
2. Child Song 8:26
3. As The Stars Fall 7:47
4. Breathe 6:37
5. Music Box 4:57
6. To Build A Home 7:15
7. Time & Space 10:58
8. All That You Give 5:52

Tirando da lata...

Agradecemos ao sensacional Jazzzin pela postagem original.

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Anônimo disse...

Hi, the first segment of the download is apparently incomplete so nobody can listen to this record. Perhaps a repost is possible? Jörg from the Netherlands.

carlinhosdeipanema disse...

nope, friend, sorry...
hv just checked and first link works great, pls try again
tks for visiting

carlinhosdeipanema disse...

Jörg, it must probably be that the post is not MP3. I'll see what can be done, pls wait

carlinhosdeipanema disse...

OK, Jorg, now it is all there, hope you like it.
tks for yr visit